max viagra dose Ofsted Inspection December 2017  An Ofsted Inspection Team visited the College in early December 2017 as part of a two-day review to look at every aspect of Hope Valley College; from leadership and management through to how safe students feel. We were pleased that the Inspectors recognised our school’s caring environment and that they saw some really strong teaching practice that challenged and supported our students in their learning.

viagra up my ass Amongst the positive comments made, Ofsted concluded that:

  • Pupils benefit from a wide range of extra- curricular activities. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good. Pupils feel safe.
  • The post-16 provision is a strength of the school. High expectations, coupled with excellent pastoral care, ensure that students’ needs are well met.
  • Teachers plan tasks that engage pupils well in their learning and enable them to become secure in their understanding – particularly in English and maths
  • Pupils learn to respect everyone, including those who hold opinions and beliefs that are different from their own. They describe their school as ‘inclusive’, where all pupils are ‘cared for’.

While there were elements of the school that Ofsted was impressed with, there were also areas where they, understandably, thought we needed to focus on and strengthen.

One of their key findings was about the school’s leadership and management, which was given a four. This meant that the school has Serious Weaknesses overall. Given our dedicated and skilled staff and how impressive Hope Valley College students are, we were obviously deeply saddened that leadership issues dictated our overall grade.

To view the full report click here: 

For a paper copy of the full report, please contact reception to collect or request us to mail it to you.

where to buy viagra? Post Ofsted Action Plan

Following the Ofsted visit the College had to resolve the leadership issues and then plan for improving other areas of the College. We developed a Post Ofsted plan in February that was seen and approved by the Regional School’s commissioner’s office. Many thanks to the parents who contributed to the plan by email or by coming in as part of a focus group. This plan has now been superseded by the College’s Development plan for 2018-19, but is included here so that stakeholders can see the journey we have been on. This version shows the review undertaken by the leadership team and governing body in September 2018.

HVC Post-Ofsted Improvement Plan 2017-18 – reviewed Sept 2018 where to buy viagra? External Reviews of SEN and Governance

The Ofsted inspection report asked us to get certain aspects of the College evaluated further. One area was that of our work with disadvantaged students, for which there is a separate page on the website:

The other two areas were the work we do with SEN students and Governance. We have reproduced both reviews below. The SEN review includes an update from November 2018.

HVC SEND report and progress to Nov 18

HVC Governance report March 2018

female viagra drug maker Exam results 2018

The College was delighted by the strong results in the Summer of 2018, showing a good improvement over the previous two years. This confirmed that some of the actions taken since the previous December had been effective and demonstrated that students at HVC could achieve their full potential. A summary of the results can be found below, along with a link to the DfE exam performance tables:

HVC Exam results Summer 2018.docx

DfE Performance tables, Derbyshire

atenolol viagra drug interactions College Development Plan 2018-19

Following strong results in the 2018 GCSEs, and input from parents, staff and governors, the College Development plan for 2018-19 was more focused and narrower in its scope. The aim was to do less but better. A key part of the plan was focused on improving behaviour, and as part of this the College undertook a survey of students and staff looking at bullying, coinciding with the national anti-bullying week in November. The results are below, alongside the development plan, which was reviewed in late November. A revised summary of the College behaviour policy for parents is also attached below.

HVC College Development Plan 2018-19 generic timetable viagra cialis Dec 2018

Parent bullying survey Nov 2018

Student bullying survey Nov 2018

Behaviour booklet for parents Dec 2018

viagra when to take it Ofsted Monitoring visit, November 2018

Ofsted inspectors returned in November 2018 to assess the progress the College has made since the last inspection. Two inspectors spent a day in College and their letter points to the areas where change is obvious and tangible, areas where the changes have not yet had any impact and a few areas where not enough has been done. One of these areas is in improving the attendance of students, an area we would accept has not been a priority for us over the last year. Subsequently we have had a number of meetings with students and parents about attendance and have looked at ways in which we can improve attendance in the near future. A leaflet has been shared with parents which can be found below, alongside the monitoring visit letter.

HVC Section 8 Monitoring visit Nov 2018

Attendance and Punctuality Booklet for Parents Dec 2018