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Students celebrate stunning exam success

Hope Valley College students have celebrated another year of GCSE success. 75% percent of students gained an A*-C grade in both English and maths, up 6% from the previous year. A stunning 43% of students gained at least three A/A* grades, also up 6% from the previous year.

David Willis, Principal at Hope Valley College commented: “These are excellent results for which our students, their parents and staff should be rightly proud of. Set against a national picture that suggests a decline in GCSE grades and top grades in particular, our students’ achievements are simply stunning”.

“We are particularly proud of the progress our students have made, regardless of their prior ability. Many students have worked exceptionally hard to achieve the challenging targets we gave them. Once again, Hope Valley College students will be highly sought after by a wide range of Post 16 colleges and school sixth forms”.

“In addition to the College’s overall success there were a large number of exceptional individual performances, too many to name, whose achievements and progress has also been exceptional. Congratulations and well done to you all”.

Additional information:

Hope Valley College results have improved over a wide range of measures including the percentage of students achieving A*-C in both English and maths (up 6% from 69% to 75%), the percentage of students achieving 5 GCSEs grades A*-C including English and maths (up 3% from 67% to 70%) and the percentage of students achieving 3+ A*/A grades (up 6% from 37% to 43%)

In contrast to the emerging national picture, Hope Valley College experienced improvements in geography (up 6% from 86% to 92% of students achieving at least a grade C), mathematics (up 11% from 73% to 84% achieving at least a grade C) and English literature (up 16% from 82% to 98% achieving at least a grade C). The number of GCSE entries for modern languages at HVC have increased where nationally, there are concerns that the number of language GCSE entries have fallen dramatically.

July 2016 HVC Community Book Club

July 2016 Book Club

Hope Wakes Week - Well Dressing 2016

Well Dressing 2016IMG 1394

Well Dressing designed by Archie Bradstock Y7

2016 Well Dressing

The well dressing art competition has been won this year by Archie Bradstock.

Students in Year 7 were asked to create a well dressing on the theme of “Celebrating British Values”.

Since November 2014, all maintained schools are required by the Department of Education to teach and promote fundamental British Values as part of their curriculum to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The British government have defined fundamental British Values as follows:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect and tolerance

In Archie’s winning design, he has chosen to focus on celebrating mutual respect and tolerance and the rule of law against the back drop of the Union Flag.

Mutual respect and tolerance

In Archie’s design, he represents the idea of mutual respect and tolerance of people of different faiths and those with none by showing the symbols that represent 6 world religions that are practised in multi-cultural Britain today. They include, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Shinto and Buddhism.

At Hope Valley College, as well as proudly celebrating local, national and Christian traditions, students also learn about a range of world religions, their beliefs, values, customs and traditions. During their time at Hope Valley College, as well as visiting local Christian churches, all students at Hope Valley College will be able to visit an Islamic mosque and Buddhist temple. Students learn about the Jewish holocaust and from history, the impact on adults and children when there is religious intolerance and genocide.

The rule of law

In Archie’s design, he represents the idea of the rule of law with the symbol of the “scales of justice”. The concept of universal rule of law in Britain dates back to when King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta in 1215. Since then, every person in Britain, including the King or Queen, is subject to the rule of law. At Hope Valley College, students learn how the rule of law protects individual citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety. In the same way, school rules protect individual students’ happiness, safety and learning in College. The scales of justice represent the balance of evidence that must be considered for justice to be carried out. It also represents the balance that exist in a free and democratic country between rights and responsibilities.

Cancelled - End of year celebration for parents, staff, friends and governors


Please get your tickets now for our end of year celebration on Friday 15 July .

Parents, staff and friends are invited to join us from 7:00pm until 11pm. We will be serving a meal, the menu includes steak pie with Guinness, green Thai chicken curry and a vegetarian option, lemon roulade or profiteroles with chocolate.  A bar will be available, music for dancing and a room showing a selection of this year’s adventure films.

We would like you to join us at this event to say “thank you” to a number of staff, governors and PTFA volunteers who are moving on to other projects after many years of service to the College.

Tickets are £10 each and can be booked online via the College website or this link:


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