watch viagra cheap price online Homework will be meaningful, engaging and challenging for all students.  It will be personalised wherever possible and regularly acknowledged. All students will be given access to ‘Class Charts’ so that all homework tasks, including ILPs, can be shared with students digitally and accessed online. Independent Learning Projects are extended homework tasks that broaden the student’s understanding of the curriculum, develop their research and presentation skills, and provide opportunities for personalised and flipped learning. Students and parents have access to ‘ClassCharts’ which will enable them to access the homework set on computers, smartphones or tablets.  Student accounts will be linked to their Office 365 account, parents have a personalised access code.  To login to ClassCharts either use the icon on the top bar of the website or click here:

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natural viagra or other substitute Please note that students and parents can access all homework set even if they can not access their personal accounts by using the filters at the top of the homework calendar.