On Friday 22 June, all years went on a sponsored walk, a short 6 miler or a long 12 miles! Y7s all did the short walk, and then were cycling in the afternoon. From school, up Losehill, along to Hollins Cross then down to Castleton visitor centre for lunch and ice cream! The short walk then returned to school, but the long walked the path to Brough: at this point many were too hot and tired to venture up the last hill and returned to school. £1,400.10 was raised for the CRY screening in September.

Year 7s

A visit to the Yorkshire sculpture park to stroll around with their workbooks looking at the exhibits began the Year 7 week.

With camping, circus skills, willow-weaving, orienteering and circus skills the rest of the week was equally successful.

Year 8 had a visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester, and a day of forensics had them isolating DNA, fingerprinting, making boot print casts and a range of other activities to find out who stole a laptop!

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