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Poppies Project

Hope Valley College came together as a community on 10/11/17 in an act of remembrance.

Students and staff all gathered in the Gym at 10:45am on Friday 10 November and observed a two minutes silence. In addition, we also had a Royal British Legion “pub quiz” with students taking on staff in the first ever HVC Great British Quiz.

Mr Young, who led the assembly, asked students and staff to make an active choice about how to remember those who died in global conflict, especially the first and second world wars and current conflict. For some, people choose the traditional red poppy, for others, a white poppy, for others they choose to wear no poppy. Mr Young asked everyone to at least think about their choice.


GCSE History students were asked why they wear a poppy at Remembrance.  They decided to record their opinions and the opinions of fellow students and staff members.