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People who can help

If you have any enquiries, please telephone our main College reception on 01433 620555 or email: enquiries@hopevalley.derbyshire.sch.uk


Safeguarding Children Team – for any concerns about the safety or welfare of any child or young adult

Mr David Willis, Principal

Mrs Alison Scorer, Safeguarding Lead Teacher for students in Y7-11

Mrs Debbie Petts, Safeguarding Lead Teacher for students in Post-16


Senior Leadership Team

Mr David Willis, Principal

Mr Paul Dearden, Deputy Principal

Mrs Alison Scorer, Assistant Principal (SENCO)

Mrs Debbie Petts, Assistant Principal (Post-16)

Mr Richard Beeden, Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)


Heads of Faculty

Mrs Kaye Rumpel, Head of Maths Faculty

Mrs Margaret Hayes, Head of English Faculty

Mr Steven Taylor, Head of Science Faculty (science and computing)

Mr Dave Shimwell, Head of Performance Faculty (PE, music and drama)

Miss Annette Nicklin, Head of Design Faculty (technology, catering, art and photography)

Mr. Chris Young, Head of Global Studies Faculty (geography, history, modern languages)


Pastoral Student Support

Mrs Deborah Whitehall, Howden Senior House Tutor

Mr Matt Fitton, Derwent Senior House Tutor

Miss Bethan Simons, Ladybower Senior House Tutor


Admin, Finance and Caretaking

Mr Jake Ward, PA to the Principal

Mrs Diane Hickinson, Data Manager

Miss Abigail Hester, Office Manager/Exams Officer

Mrs Jackie Waller, Clerk to Governors and HVC Academy Trust Company Secretary

Mr Darren Pickles, Chief Finance Officer for HVC Academy Trust

Mr Richard Cowell, Head Caretaker