Keeping children safe


Young people can be at risk of exploitation and sexual exploitation by adults and other young people. Exploitation often involves the lure of alcohol and drugs (cannabis and MDMA), gifts and being persuaded to hand over large sums of cash. Both young men and young women can be at risk of exploitation and sexual exploitation. Grooming can occur online via social media, in your local community and at festivals.

See below a link to help and guide parents on knowing the signs of child sexual exploitation:


See below more links to help and guide parents on helping to keep teenagers safe from harm:


See below a number of links to help and guide young people in keeping themselves safe from harm:
Why not download a new APP by Childline for your phone or tablet called “For Me“. It is FREE and provides discreet immediate help and guidance for your young people. The app uses all of Childline’s online services – from 1-2-1 chat function with a counsellor, the “Ask Sam” problem pages and entrance to a private locker, in which is a daily mood tracker and personal journal.