Mobile devices

Hope Valley College has, like most schools, a mobile phone policy which has been developed some time ago following consultation with parents/carers, students and teachers. It is aimed at balancing the need for an excellent learning environment where students can learn without distractions, there are excellent relationships between teachers and students and young people are properly educated about the safe, responsible and hugely beneficial uses of mobile devices in modern life.

Students can bring mobile phones and devices into College but they must be switched off and not visible as soon as students enter the building at the start of the day. Students can use mobile devices at social time (at break and lunch time only, not inbetween lessons), and only when they are outside of the building. Headphones are seen as an extension of mobile phones and so should also not been seen within the building either.

Students can use their mobile phone during lesson time only with express permission from the teacher in charge of the class and only for educational reasons.

Parents/carers are responsible for their child’s behaviour in school and will normally be funding their child’s mobile device on the understanding that their child is meeting our expectations. Consequently, if a student has a phone or headphone visible inside the building at any time or without permission, a member of staff will confiscate it and it will be taken to reception where it will be kept safe. The student’s parents/carer will be texted to inform them that their child’s mobile device or headphone has been confiscated. The parent/carer will need to come to reception when it is open and at a time that is convenient for the parent to collect the confiscated item. All confiscated items are locked in the school safe overnight. Mobile devices or headphones will not be handed back to the student. Please can parents/carers not embarrass reception staff by asking them to make alternative arrangements for the return of confiscated items because they will say no.

If you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour or welfare, please contact your child’s Pastoral Officer or Senior House Tutor.