Good behaviour policy

Our Good Behaviour Policy and Procedures are aimed to support students and staff achieve our College aims. For a full copy of the College’s Good Behaviour Policy or to view our summary, please use the links below or ask reception to send you a copy:

Good-Behaviour-Policy-and-Procedures-Jan 2017

Behaviour and Attendance Policies and Procedures Summary


The College’s Good Behaviour Policy and Procedures were created in consultation with students, staff and parents and takes into account Ofsted findings nationally on “Low level Disruption” and the most recent Department for Education guidance for headteachers and staff on behaviour and discipline in schools:

Below the radar low level disruption Ofsted report 2014



We want our students to be:

  • Happy, confident with high expectations
  • Resilient, independent and resourceful
  • Caring, friendly and compassionate
  • Open-minded and adventurous with broad horizons
  • Ambitious, successful leaders and team players, ready for future challenges


In a school that:

  • Provides excellent teaching and a wide range of challenging learning opportunities – academically, physically and emotionally
  • Values every student as an individual and is ambitious for every students regardless of their background, previous achievements, talents or individual barriers to learning
  • Is nurturing, caring and welcoming
  • Is reflective and always striving to improve
  • Develops student and adult leadership and participation at every level
  • Is a community that students, staff and parents are proud of


As a result of our policy all staff share the same expectations with students:

  • Have excellent attendance
  • Be on time
  • Be equipped to learn
  • Be polite and respectful to others
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself


  • Be resilient —never give up
  • Be resourceful – find ways to help yourself
  • Be reflective —think!

These expectations are recognised and rewarded when students meet them, especially if they meet them consistently over time.

If students do not meet our expectations, there are a series of consequences and interventions staff will put in place to ensure that over time, all students learn and develop to meet our expectations.

If any parent/carer or student has any concern regarding our Good Behaviour Policy and Procedures and how it is being implemented, they should speak to the student’s tutor or pastoral team in the first instance (Senior House Tutor or Pastoral Officer). If parents are still not satisfied, they should contact a member of the senior leadership team.

In addition, students can also speak to their Student Council representative. Student Council meet every Thursday and will regularly discuss issues like behaviour policy and its implementation.