It’s that time of year again…..whether it is mock or trial exams or the real thing, students will need to get organised, independent and motivated for some hard work and effort.

No one likes revision. Too many young people tell their mates they aren’t doing any. Too many young people secretly are doing revision but are not telling their mates. Don’t be the one who gets caught out. Your GCSE results are with you for the rest of your life. You cannot borrow your mate’s grades.

If you try hard in a mock or trial exam and you have worked really hard at your revision, there is no guarantee that you will be successful. However, you are more likely to learn what you did right and wrong if you prepare and fail, than not prepare at all. You will more likely just fail!

Exams are all about effort, exam practice and time spent revising. Some people seem to be able to do well in exams without much effort. You know yourself best. The chances are you will have to work harder and put more effort into something you don’t always enjoy more now than ever before in your life.

This short-term pain, bring long-term benefits. The rewards are great. Think about achieving your best grade. Think about being able to do the course you really want to do Post-16. Think about all those jobs you will apply for over the length of your adult life putting down GCSE grades you are proud of. Think about that long summer at the end of Year 11 knowing you really could not have worked harder or smarter, rather than worrying all summer for GCSE results day in August.

Use the links at the top of this page to fully understand the exam rules, to look at your exam timetable (when available) and to download help and guidance on revision strategies and techniques.

Good luck.