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Achievement was fantastic in 2017, progress was below average

In 2017, whilst many HVC students achieved high grades (53% of students gained the government’s new higher pass grade of 5+ in both English and maths, compared with 42% in Derbyshire and 39% nationally), we now know the progress these students made over their 5 years at Hope Valley College was below average compared to similar students nationally.

The government’s new school performance measure is Progress 8. This measures how well students do over their 5 years at secondary school based on 8 GCSEs including English, maths, EBACC and other subjects.

EBACC subjects include: science (combined or triple), computing science, modern foreign languages, geography and history.

Click here for more detailed information about Progress 8: P8_factsheet

After re-marks and data checking nationally, we now know that Hope Valley College’s Progress 8 score in 2017 was -0.26. This means that in the GCSEs used in this performance measure, students at HVC did less well in their 5 years at secondary school than similar students nationally.


Why is HVC’s attainment 8 score and % pass grades so good but Progress 8 not as good?

  • 20% of students in last year’s Y11 did not complete all three EBACC slots (compared to approx. 10% nationally)
  • Over their 5 years at secondary school, students in 2017 could have achieved even higher grades, as other students of similar ability nationally did.


What is HVC going to do differently?

  • Hope Valley College has already made changes to make sure that from now on, all students will be taking a range of GCSEs which are “Progress 8 compliant”.
  • Hope Valley College has already started work on increasing the level of difficulty and challenge in lessons taught, especially in English, maths and science.
  • Hope Valley College has already decided to change its curriculum in September 2018 to increase the amount of time languages and humanities are taught in Years 7 and 8.
  • Hope Valley College is going to re-double its efforts to increase the level of challenge in all subjects across all year groups to ensure that all students and in particular, higher and middle ability students do even better.


How are HVC students in current Year 11 doing?

  • Our teachers’ assessment data suggests that compared to Year 11 students this time last year, our current Year 11 students are doing significantly better.
  • Year 11 students have another round of mock exams starting 26th February 2018.