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Aims Vision & Ethos

Hope Valley College opened its doors for the first time in 1958. It was modelled on the lines of Cambridgeshire’s successful village colleges which were originated by Henry Morris, formerly Cambridgeshire’s Chief Education Officer.

From the start, Hope Valley College’s ethos was defined by its commitment to education in all its forms, academic, vocational and extra-curricular; being warm and welcoming; having an open, caring and sharing philosophy; teachers who are dedicated to the task of their students achieving the highest of standards; teachers who always strived to improve and make their teaching techniques effective; the College belonging to the whole community. [Barry Foster, Principal, 1975-1990]

This ethos remains the same today. It is an ethos that is celebrated, developed, shared and protected by governors, parents, students and staff.

The Hope Valley College ethos can be summarised in three short words: Nurture – Enrich – Achieve.