watch The Year 11 geography GCSE students braved rough conditions to visit Flamborough Head and Hornsea on the East coast for a day. The students were applying fieldwork techniques to investigate coastal erosion, impact of tourism and how coasts are protected from the effects of longshore drift. The students were also taught how to create long profiles down the beach. Not easy when the breaking waves would sometimes rush several metres higher up the beach than expected.

discount viagra This year HVAFF took place in April, with better weather and a good turnout despite the better weather no doubt luring some adventurers away. The day is a mixture of films, talks and family friendly activities, with visitors coming from a wide area to take part and raising money for the PTFA. Our thanks this year go to Matt Heason and the PTFA organising committee, as well as to the many staff and students who contribute to make the day a success.

As well as a bouldering competition and cyclocross activities, there was a mini-film competition that students could enter in advance.

The picture below shows the caving ladder competition—how quickly can you scale the ladder?

10 and under male Harry Hudson 8.81s
10 and under Female Martha Ellison 6.06s

Under 16 male Euan Patton 4.36s
Under 16 female Amelie Elkins 4.77s
Male adult Matt Heason 2.69s

Female adult Hayley Lever 5.53s

Highlights from the evening included a very entertaining talk from adventurer and parent Rob Davison, and ex-student Pete Whittaker talking about his latest adventures on El Capitan in Yosemite.

HVAFF is a regular event in the College calendar, so look out for next Spring!

Every month we take a small group of students out of College to work with members of the general public who meet once a week for some social time.

The students make drinks, cakes and serve them to the members of the community. They also play games, sing and show off their many talents.

This experience is invaluable for all, developing confidence and social skills, and most enjoyable. It also reminds students that the College is part of a bigger community.

It is always a pleasure to take the students.

Carnegie Medal

Every Summer we join other schools all over the country to ‘shadow’ the judging process for the Carnegie Medal, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals for the best in contemporary young people’s literature. At HVC we buy sets of the shortlisted titles (there are usually eight), put together a group of enthusiastic readers, and meet regularly to discuss what we think of the books.

We have our own page on the CILIP website and our readers are encouraged to post their own reviews. It’s an opportunity to be opinionated, and opinions vary widely.

The official winner is announced in mid- June, when we have a bit of a ‘do’ with cake and pop and a vote of our own. We invariably don’t agree with the panel of judges, which always give rise to some healthy argument.

This year the official winner was Geraldine McCaughrean’s Where the World Ends, although our students felt Will Hill’s After the Fire should have won.

Author visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from author Jonathan Meres at the start of May and he went down very well withY7s and 8s and staff alike. Jonathan, who writes the World of Norm series of books, burst onto the stage with an explosion of energy and spent a full two hours talking, shouting, singing and making everybody laugh, before joining a select group of top readers for a noisy lunch in the library. In the afternoon he talked to a small group of Y7s about writing to catch a reader’s attention, getting published, selling ice cream, working with Harry Hill and being a zombie. Getting to the staff room for a break between sessions proved tricky because Jonathan was ambushed by students wanting autographs and selfies!

Reading Buddies

Our 2017/18 Reading Buddies scheme has finished until the Autumn. During a slightly emotional final session, readers and their buddies gave and received certificates of appreciation, postcards with messages of thanks and lots and lots of lollies. Seven months of weekly paired reading has certainly paid off, with confidences built, friendships made and fluency developed. Buddies logged their comments and observations in record cards as the year went on, and students’ reading progress is very clear to see.

Book Fair

We’ve had another Book Fair, this time with everything at bargain prices, which meant that we sold a lot of books and had some very happy customers. This was one of Scholastic’s Half Price events and as always they gave us a lot of support, sent some eye wateringly lovely books and gave us a box load of freebies at the end. There will be another Fair in the Autumn, when the selection will be the very latest in teenage books at full price. Keep an eye on the library blog for details.

The Refurb…

…has begun. Over the last two years the PTFA have wanted a big project in College to raise money for, and as they have often met in the library it was felt that this was an area of College that had not benefitted from the extensive work that has been done elsewhere around the College. Consequently we have worked with the PTFA to upgrade the library space from the ground up. Over the last few weeks of term the books have been moved out and work is underway to renovate the walls and ceiling, before a new carpet and new furniture arrive later this Summer. We are planning a grand opening as part of the College’s 60th birthday celebrations on Monday 17 September, by which time the books will be back in and library life will be back to normal.

This year’s Well Dressing contained elements of designs from a number of Year 7 students.

The theme for this year’s competition was equality, building on the issues raised in Made in Dagenham and befitting the centenary of the first votes for women.

In addition the College has been actively following the First World War centenary, which will culminate in a big event at College at the end of October. The soldier in the bottom left reflects this.

During the week before it was put up, petalling was completed by students and Mrs Dent with Mrs Townsend.

A new addition this year was “The Day of the Dead” created by students from Post 16.

As part of the Post 16 Art Curriculum the students studied different carnivals from around the world, looking in particular at recurring motifs and symbols.

They selected the ‘Day of the Dead’ Carnival as their inspiration for the ‘Scarecrow’ entry in to this year’s Hope Wakes Week. Students produced de- signs and worked on a range of tech- niques, including creating 3D sculptures with paper mâché techniques.

The finished articles were displayed as part of the scarecrow and the accompanying shrine.

This latest addition to the front lawn at College is based on a work called Field (1991) by “Angel of the North” artist Antony Gormley. He took this idea around the world, employing local people to make simple figures from locally sourced clay to make around 44,000 each time.

College students made around 5,000 figures, mostly in Year 9. They each made a family of clay figures in the style of Gormley’s, featureless but with the staring eyes.

The process in College was linked to work on The Holocaust.

Every member of their little family had to have a name and a story, in this way, the students became close to their clay family. Some members of each family were then removed without explanation. This was a way in to trying to get them to understand how the events of The Holocaust must have affected the victims.

It was quite successful in getting them to empathise: students were very protective of their family members and some cried when certain ones were removed and taken away.

The different colours represent the variety in humankind.

This project took place over a long time, with many students involved.

This Summer students from Post 16 alongside some construction students created the base and mounted the figures into what will be their permanent home.

The clay figures made by Gormley are difficult to emulate, but the simplicity of the figures helps underline the way in which it is easy to de-personalise groups of people and see them in simple stereotypes.

The variety of colours were created by firing the clay in open ovens – allowing students to be involved in every part of the process.

The result is a striking addition to the front of the College.

Sunday 8 July saw past and present students performing together in a fantastic musical revue from the very first College musical Grease through to this year’s Made in Dagenham.

It was a fitting farewell to Mrs Townsend, Mrs Bagnall and Mrs Mackey after their many years of service to the College.

Performers’ ages ranged from 29 to 12, and it was lovely to see how well the voices of our ex-students have developed, many of them doing the solos they sang when they were at the College. The finale was ‘One More Day’, from Les Miserables, a show that current students have just been to see in London.

Huge thanks to Tom Benson for organising the band and to all the participants who made this a special day.

Photo of the winning students whose photos of ‘Life in the Hope Valley’ were selected for the Rotary club calendar.

Ann Ironmonger came in to present them with prizes and all students have taken a calendar home. A calendar that shows off the students photographic skills and love of the area.
Copies of the calendar are available to purchase from Reception.

As part of International Women’s Day a number of Year 10 girls visited Graham Construction, who are the main contractor building the new nuclear submarine engine factory in Derby. The day focussed on challenging stereotypes of working in construction, and involved a site induction, talk on job opportunities and prospects for women, as well as highlighting a number of current, successful, high ranking women employees within the company.

Following an excellent lunch the girls were treated to a guided site tour, a ‘people like me’ activity and a networking opportunity with female employees, finding out about their career paths, roles and aspirations. Thank you to all concerned for an enjoyable and informative day.