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Importance of good punctuality

Happy New Year!

The New Year is a traditional time to make new resolutions on how to improve yourself: perhaps it is reducing or stopping a particular bad habit, like using your mobile phone too much; perhaps it is to choose doing something more often you know is good for you like more exercise, eating a better diet or reading for pleasure more.

At Hope Valley College, we have noticed that we can all improve our punctuality, this means being on time for lessons.

Teachers are being asked to start their lessons on time and make sure they have effective starters to hook students into early learning or recalling what was learnt previously. This will help all students improve their memory of what they have learnt and it will make learning in the lesson more rapid.

There will also be a range of additional sanctions put in place by all teachers to ensure that those students who are late recognise the disrespect this shows their teachers and the disruption to learning they are causing to other students.

Please see below a link to download and view the slides used in this week’s  House Assemblies.  We are  explaining to students the importance of having good punctuality to all lessons and how we are going to help them achieve this.

House assembly Jan 2018 – Importance of Punctuality