Hope Valley College Wind Band traveled to the Octagon Centre at Sheffield University on Sunday 3 March to perform at the Sheffield Regional Festival of Music For Youth. The festival featured music groups from across Sheffield and Chesterfield, with some very impressive performances. HVC was able to more than hold its own with a fabulous performance (despite Mrs Watson having to stand in and conduct instead of Jane Taylor), playing Celtic Air & Dance, Give the Bass a Taste and the Mission: Impossible theme.
They received excellent feedback from the adjudicators and many compliments from the audience. One lady exclaimed ‘your band were just fabulous’.
Well done to all the players, and thank you for turning out on a Sunday. Thank you also to Molly Rider, ex student and currently our fantastic music work experience girl; to Rosie Jones for stepping in to cover Leo’s euphonium part so that he could play kit; and to Mrs Rumpel for accompanying us and providing much needed support.