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2017 GCSE results

GCSEs changed in 2017, with the new 9-1 graded GCSEs in English and maths being awarded for the first time. Despite the turbulence nationally over the reformed GCSEs, 53% of students gained the government’s new higher pass grade of 5+ (compared with 42% in Derbyshire and 39% nationally).

72% of students gained the new 9-4 pass grade in both English and maths.  40% of HVC students achieved the highest 9-7 grades in either English or maths.



Results from the new 9-1 GCSEs in English and maths cannot be compared to previous years’ maths and English results because they are significantly more challenging with new demanding content, the removal of coursework and new exam assessment formats.


For more information on what the new 9-1 grades mean, download the following information:

Information for students – New GCSE grading

Information for parents – New GCSE grading


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