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HVC Students celebrate fantastic GCSE results

GCSEs have begun to change this year, with the new 9-1 graded GCSEs in English and maths being awarded for the first time. Despite the turbulence nationally over the reformed GCSEs, Hope Valley College students have celebrated another year of GCSE success. Seventy-two percent of students gained the new 9-4 pass grade in both English and maths. Fifty-three percent of students gained the government’s new higher pass grade of 5+. Forty percent of HVC students achieved the highest 9-7 grades in either English or maths.

David Willis, Principal at Hope Valley College commented: “These are excellent results for which our students, their parents and staff should be rightly proud of. Set against the challenge of being the first students to sit the new 9-1 graded GCSEs in English and maths, our students’ achievements are simply brilliant”.

“As well as excellent results in the new GCSEs in English and maths, we are proud of our students’ success in a wide range of academic and high quality vocational qualifications. On top of many improvements in exam results last year, we are celebrating further improvements in all the triple sciences, history, art, computer studies and in child care. Many students have worked exceptionally hard to achieve the challenging targets we gave them. Once again, Hope Valley College students will be highly sought after by a wide range of Post 16 colleges and school sixth forms”.


“In addition to the College’s overall success there were a large number of exceptional individual performances. In total, 8 students from a cohort of 102, achieved a top grade 9 in the new GCSEs, reserved for the top 3% of students nationally. 16 students achieved six or more top grades (A*/A/9-7 grades). There are many outstanding students, too many to name, whose achievements and progress has also been exceptional. Congratulations and well done to you all”.

Results from the new 9-1 GCSEs in English and maths cannot be compared to previous years’ maths and English results because they are significantly more challenging with new demanding content, the removal of coursework and new exam assessment formats.

For more information on what the new 9-1 grades mean, download the following information:

Information for students – New GCSE grading

Information for parents – New GCSE grading


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