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GCSEs are changing – what does it all mean?

GCSE results day – Thursday 24th August 2017


Hope Valley College Students and parents are invited to collect and celebrate their GCSE results from 10am. Results will be distributed from the dining room.

HVC staff will be available on Thursday and Friday to assist and support students with any issues around their Post-16 options.

Single Option 17 GCSE results to new Year 11s who took them whilst in Year 10 will be distrusted their results in College on Tuesday 5th September.


GSCEs are changing – Maths & English now grades 9-1

The first of the new specification GCSEs, graded 9-1 rather than the more familiar grades of A*-G, will be awarded on Thursday 24th August. Students have sat the new maths and English GCSEs for the first time this May/June. As well as the grading being different, the style of assessment questions have also changed bringing new challenges to students and teachers alike. As a result of these changes, GCSE maths and English performance this year cannot be compared to previous years.

New Year 11 students who will sit most of their GCSE exams in May-June in 2018 will have nearly all their GCSEs as the new 9-1 specifications with only the exceptions being technology subjects and psychology. Because HVC students get a one year GCSE option in Y10 and Y11, some students may still have a mix of A*-G and 9-1 grade GCSEs until May 2021.

Click here for more information about the new GCSE grading system.

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