The Global Studies Faculty seeks to engage our students with the wider world. We aim to broaden minds and encourage students to:

Understand the communities they belong to: their local, national and global communities;
Learn how communities have developed, their current needs and beliefs and to be able to communicate effectively in other languages;
Be aware that fundamental British values are shared across the continent and fought for across the world;
Appreciate diversity – people, culture, language and environment;
Be aware of their rights and their responsibilities to others and their environment

Global Studies is a wide-ranging department covering history, geography, ethics and philosophy, psychology, French, German and Spanish. Students undertake a learning journey that begins in Year 7 and can (depending on options) lead to a GCSE in all subjects.

Members of staff
Head of Faculty: Mr C Young

Mr M Fitton

Mr E Hill

Mrs E Kirkham

Mrs L Bower

Miss R Bradley

Mr P Dearden

Mr T Scorer

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