The Design Faculty at Hope Valley College has a wide mix of disciplines offering students the opportunity to learn and explore Art and Technology subjects.​

In Technology students work with wood, metal, plastics, food and textiles. We also offer construction and engineering, supported with ICT facilities allowing students to use computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).​

Art provides a wide range of creative experiences which encourage individual development and enjoyment of Art and Design in its many diverse forms: clay, print, drawing or mixed media…there is something for everyone.

Head of Faculty: Ms A Nicklin

Mr R Beeden

Mrs D Whitehall

Mr M Streets

Mrs L Beeden

Ms J Sunderland

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The Global Studies Faculty seeks to engage our students with the wider world. We aim to broaden minds and encourage students to:

Understand the communities they belong to: their local, national and global communities;
Learn how communities have developed, their current needs and beliefs and to be able to communicate effectively in other languages;
Be aware that fundamental British values are shared across the continent and fought for across the world;
Appreciate diversity – people, culture, language and environment;
Be aware of their rights and their responsibilities to others and their environment

Global Studies is a wide-ranging department covering history, geography, ethics and philosophy, psychology, French, German and Spanish. Students undertake a learning journey that begins in Year 7 and can (depending on options) lead to a GCSE in all subjects.

Members of staff
Head of Faculty: Mr C Young

Mr M Fitton

Mr E Hill

Mrs E Kirkham

Mrs L Bower

Miss R Bradley

Mr P Dearden

Mr T Scorer

Global Studies Faculty Document Global Studies Faculty

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The mathematics department at Hope Valley College is responsible for teaching mathematics across Key Stages 3 and 4.  The department comprises dedicated, enthusiastic maths specialists. The department aims to achieve high standards in the teaching and learning of mathematics, inspiring students of all abilities, giving them the confidence to use their mathematical skills to solve problems both within the subject area and in a wider context.  This is achieved by providing courses which are differentiated and that encourage and challenge every student.

Head of Faculty: Mrs K Rumpel

Faculty TA: Ms C Herrick

Mr T Scorer

Ms A Wade

Mr A Harper

Mrs Z Rezai

Dr M Ibrahaim

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The English Faculty is responsible for teaching English language and English literature from Year 7 to Year 11. The English Faculty drives the “Accelerated Reader” scheme in partnership with HVC Library for students in Year 7 and 8. The English Faculty also provides inspiration and opportunities for children with poetry, creative writing, debating and other language-based arts.

Head of Faculty: Mrs M Hayes

English Faculty TA: Ms C Norman

Ms G Worrall

Mrs H Foster

Ms H Hale

Mr R Griffin

Mr P Dearden

Mrs D Petts

Mrs A Scorer

English Overview Year 7 English Year 7 booklet.doc

English Overview Year 8 English year 8 booklet.doc

English Overview Year 9 English Year 9 Booklet

English Overview Year 10 Year 10 English Booklet

English Overview Year 11 Year 11 English Booklet

Key dates for Year 11 English Key dates Year 11 English

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The Science and Computing Faculty is responsible for teaching biology, chemistry, physics, ICT and computing.

All students learn all three sciences from Year 7 to Year 11.  From Year 10 students follow either a triple science pathway (leading to separate GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics) or a double science pathway (leading to Core Science GCSE and Additional Science GCSE, but still studying all three sciences).

In Years 7 and 8, all students learn ICT and basic computing skills. Students can opt to continue to learn about computing in Year 9 and can choose to study Computing Studies at GCSE as either a one or two year course (numbers dependent).

Head of Faculty: Mr S Taylor

Mrs L Moses

Mr I Thomas

Ms M Carter

Ms C Oldfield

Mr I Bailey

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